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Character matures with the years.
With more than 35 years experience but with a passion for the latest trends in building and remodeling, Vandemoortel is the right place for bricks, roof tiles, floors and so much more ...
Our selection
Facing bricks
With us you will find a wide selection of bricks that give your home a unique character.
Roof tiles
The icing on the cake or the roof on your home with our wide selection of roof tiles.
Exclusive floors in many formats, colors and materials for both indoor and outdoor.
Windows and decoration
Timeless decoration, antiques and windows in cast iron turn your home into a castle.
Demolition works and purchase old building materials
With care for the environment and attention to recovery, we can help you with the demolition and purchase of old building materials.
Authentic materials and modern architecture: a perfect match!
Think out of the box: give your modern construction project a warm & timeless character with the old bricks of Vandemoortel Rustic building materials.
“Super nice stones, rooftiles, floors. Really listen to what you want and get it delivered!”
At Vandemoortel we always strive for a satisfied customer. We are there to assist you with all your construction or renovation plans. If you want to share an experience with us, do not hesitate to leave a comment on our website.
More than 35 years of experience

For more than 35 years we have been active in rustic building materials. We specialize in old facing bricks and have built up a large stock over the years.

We are happy to assist you in choosing the right materials for the right home. Building with old building materials gives your home a soul, character and a unique style. This with a reliable company.

Due to the continuous growth of our company, we can offer you everything from facing bricks, roof tiles, metal windows, old and new floors to beautiful oak solid tables.

For anyone who wants to build, live and live at an affordable price nationwide. Come and visit us in our beautiful showroom in Zarren without any obligation.

Marieke & Andy