Exterior floors

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Our ‘New Life’ label

Old is gold. The products to which we award this label are 100% recycled materials. Why choose these materials?

Character ripens with time

We give materials a new life. Building with old materials offers the possibility to integrate something unique, characterful in your home with special results. Recuperated materials can also be combined very well with new, modern elements and can thus be used both in new construction and renovation projects. Building with such materials requires the necessary experience, we offer a wide choice of quality materials with the necessary advice.

Recuperate = respect

Most (re) builders mainly opt for recuperation building materials for aesthetic reasons, but the reuse of materials is also sustainable construction. Every year, the construction industry supplies a huge amount of waste material. Recuperation is respecting nature and the environment.

Quality and choice

Not all old materials are eligible, we only select those of superior quality.

Reasons enough to choose these materials with character!