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Paepe bricks 18x5x8.5
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Stone slips from old reclaimed stones offer the following advantages:

You can easily decorate the façade of your home without breaking the old façade: Everywhere in Belgium it is allowed to get up to 14 cm outside the building and building line for renovations that meet the new insulation standards. Our brick strips of 2.5 cm thick help you to realize this, and to save you a lot of time and money!

In addition, brick slips from old reclaimed stones:

  • are full of character and give your wall a nostalgic look.
  • have a unique color nuance and a historical past.
  • are a must for rural homes.
  • are environmentally friendly.
  • give your home an enormous added value and therefore price-quality is the best choice.
  • deliver your living room, kitchen, entrance hall, garden wall, fireplace, ... a contemporary look.
  • are ideal to give your project in the catering industry or your store a modern, current, industrial look.
  • are always placed staggered.

Old Paepesteen rhine format

(18l x 5h x 2.5d) - 88 st / m²

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